How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing?

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing?


Facebook has become a household name for online meetings, ingrained in just about everything we do online. For nearly a third of the world’s population, Facebook is the go-to place to stay in touch with friends and family, shop for goods and services, and even look up info on others.

A recent study reveals that Facebook tracking is a key part of about 20% of divorce proceedings involving extramarital affairs. If you need to get information on someone who’s a regular Facebook user, there are many Facebook tracking tools that you can deploy today. These tools have worked for people who’ve had suspicions about their partner’s faithfulness.

Hence, we’ll show you how to read someone’s Facebook messages for ethical reasons and some of the most reliable spy apps you can use.

Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Them Knowing?

Facebook is one of the most secure messaging platforms in the world. However, there are many ways around the platform’s airtight security. These methods don’t involve breaking directly into the platform.

Rather, they revolve around other openings that are easier to exploit, such as the hard drive of a device or cloud storage where Facebook data is held up or the login portal your target uses to access their account. 

Here’s a closer look at how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing, using these two methods.

Spy Apps

The best method we’ll recommend using is spy apps. These apps steal their way into the target phone’s operating system, where they can access the Facebook data on the phone. Once any incoming or outgoing Facebook message is registered on the phone’s hard drive, the spy app copies them and saves the copies on a remote server, where you can access them from your user dashboard at any time.


Phishing is a method that entails creating a fake Facebook login site and then tricking your target into logging into their Facebook account from the fake site. You can get the fake site built by a phishing professional if you don’t have the necessary technical skills. 

Afterward, you can call your target or send them a message pretending to be a security agent or a representative of a well-known brand, asking them to make changes to their account through the cloned site. Once they log in through the fake site, you can collect their credentials and log in to their account to spy on Facebook messages.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen on iPhone?

You can read Facebook messages without them knowing on someone’s iPhone through spy apps or phishing. You can also try using the iCloud sync method. Many spy apps use the iCloud syncing method, which entails syncing with the target’s iCloud account to access the Facebook data when uploaded to iCloud. 

iCloud syncing generally requires you to figure out your target’s iCloud credentials and ensure that iCloud syncing is active for Facebook on the target iPhone.

If you’re using a spy app, you need to enter your target’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard. Afterward, you can simply log into your user dashboard anytime to view Facebook messages uploaded to the target’s iCloud. Or you can simply load the iCloud website on your iOS device and log into your target’s account. When inside, scroll to the particular iOS device your target uses for their Facebook and then click on the option to sync iCloud data from the device. You can then open iCloud on your phone to check up on your target’s Facebook messages updates at your convenience.

However, if you don’t have access to your target’s iCloud account, spy apps can still help you read Facebook messages in other ways. But you might need to jailbreak the target iPhone to give the spy app direct access to the phone’s operating system.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Getting Seen on Android?

There are also a handful of ways of how to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password on Android. You can use spy apps, but in most cases, you’ll need to root the Android phone. This removes some factory-fit restrictions on the phone to give the spy apps access to Facebook data stored on the app. But it peels off a vital security layer that protects the phone from certain security threats.

However, with top-notch spy apps like mSpy, you can learn how to read someone else’s Facebook messages without them knowing on non-rooted phones. In general, these Facebook spying apps reveal a whole lot about your target’s Facebook messages. Besides the content, you’ll also see the full identity of the correspondents, as well as the time and date stamps. There’s also the keylogger feature, which can reveal their Facebook credentials. 

Besides spy apps, phishing can also help you read Facebook messages without being seen on Android. You can create a phishing Facebook site, then send your target a phishing message or call. Once they log in through the fake Facebook site on their Android phone, their Facebook credentials fall straight into your pocket.

Best Spy App to Read Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing

Let’s drill deeper into how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing, using spy apps. Let’s look at the best apps that you can count on to get the job done. These apps have a proven track record and give you the best bang out of your bucks.

1. mSpy

With mSpy, you can expect the best experience learning how to spy on Facebook messages. You can set up the app in a snap and then sit back and enjoy full coverage of your target’s Facebook activities. The app’s Facebook tracker lets you see everything, from messages with date and time stamps to friends’ lists, group lists, group chats, etc.

mSpy has a lightweight algorithm that blends into the background of the target phone, where it carries out tracking operations without leaving any trace. It executes wide-reaching Facebook tracking operations without leaving any icon or symbol anywhere nor using any noticeable amount of phone data or battery. 

Other Features of mSpy

mSpy boasts many more features than just Facebook tracking. Here’s a snapshot of mSpy features that can make your spying campaign advanced.

View Contact Profiles

You’ll get full access to the contact details of all their friends, including their profile pictures and profile updates.

Access Facebook Multimedia

View every multimedia file they send or receive on Facebook.

Facebook Call Tracker

This feature lets you view their incoming and outgoing calls, see call duration, timestamps, and information about a caller.


You can use mSpy’s keylogger to collect their Facebook credentials and also read the Facebook messages they type out.  

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing With mSpy?

You can set up mSpy with a few easy steps. Here’s all it takes:

Step 1. Sign up for your mSpy account

Head over to mSpy’s official website and then tap the ‘Try Now’ button. Fill out your personal details on the next page, choose the type of device you want to spy on, and then choose a suitable subscription plan. 

Step 2. Install and Run mSpy

Check the email address you provided for your confirmation mail. Take a few moments to follow through with the installation instructions. You might need to briefly get a hold of the target phone to do this. If you run into any difficulties, you can always reach out to mSpy’s highly responsive technical team.

Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Target

Once you’ve set up the app, you’ll begin receiving updates of their Facebook activities on your user dashboard. 


  • Tracks just about any Android or iOS device.
  • A seamless user experience.
  • Unparalleled range of Facebook tracking features.


  • It’s price. However, we pay for the quality.

2. Spyzie

Spyzie is a powerful, reliable spy app that allows you to read Facebook messages remotely without any prior technical skills. It comes with features to track others’ Facebook messages, friends’ lists, group lists, and direct messages. 

Besides Facebook, the app also lets you track your target on several other social media platforms, from WhatsApp to Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, etc. But phone tracking doesn’t end with social media apps with Spyzie. You can also track your target’s location, multimedia files, browsing activities, plus more.

Spyzie comes with an easy installation process and a straightforward user interface. It takes just a few minutes to install Spyzie and deploy its wide range of spying tools.


  • A 7-day free trial.
  • Reliable customer support.


  • Rooting/jailbreaking is required for Facebook tracking.

3. Cocospy

If you want a simple yet powerful spy app that you can easily use to spy on Facebook messages, you should consider Cocospy. The app tracks Facebook messages without requiring complex technical steps such as jailbreaking or rooting. 

However, for iOS devices, you’ll need to figure out the target’s iCloud credentials and ensure that your target’s Facebook data is synced to their iCloud account. 

Once everything is in order, you can set up the app within a few minutes and start tracking your target’s Facebook messages on your device. To view their messages, simply open your user dashboard and scroll over to the Facebook Tracker menu. The tracker provides real-time updates of their Facebook activities.


  • A vast collection of phone tracking tools.
  • Works without rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Tracks even deleted messages.


  • No explicit Facebook Tracker for iOS devices – tracking is only possible via iCloud syncing.
  • No Facebook call recording and other advanced Facebook tracking features.

4. Spyic

Spyic is a renowned spy app featured in several high-profile publications, including Forbes, PCMag, etc. Its user base sprawls across over 190 countries. Its vast popularity results from its highly reliable, lightweight algorithm, which constantly gathers Facebook data on the target phone without leaving any clues behind. 

Spyic Facebook data tracking is detailed and result-driven. It gives you real-time updates of your target’s Facebook activities, even if the target deletes the messages on their phone. It also provides a well-detailed keylogger report that clearly shows what each keypress was meant for. 

Spyic is also widely compatible and lets you track multiple devices with the same account. 


  • Works on non-rooted/non-jailbroken phones. 
  • Operates in stealth mode.
  • Shows deleted messages.


  • Only one sluggish email support channel is available.
  • Lacks many advanced Facebook tracking activities.


Facebook is one of the most widely used messaging platforms, and you can learn a whole lot about the people around you if you know how to spy on Facebook messages. We’ve shown you how top-notch spy apps can put a simple yet powerful Facebook tracking tool in your palms. Top-notch spy apps like mSpy pack a punch of Facebook tracking features.

mSpy comes with simple installation requirements and lets you view any move your target makes on Facebook. With mSpy, you can read messages from other Facebook users without jailbreaking or rooting the target phone, thanks to tools like remote screenshots and keylogger. 

But if you want much more comprehensive coverage of Facebook data on the phone, you need to root/jailbreak the target phone. With full coverage, you’ll get to see the content of every message, as well as the time and date stamps and the full contact details of the sender/receiver. You can check out the complete profile details of all their friends, check up on all the multimedia files they send or receive. Moreover, mSpy gives you a massive collection of phone tracking tools to collect evidence of your target’s activities.

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